Last year I had a project called kite2012  - a site full of information about kitesurfing. Not a bad site, but information about kitesurfing can be found everywhere so in that way kite2012 didn't really stand out from the crowd in any way.

Kite2013 is my new "project". My intentions with this site is partly to write about my travels under the blog section, but also to publish my own and other peoples videos here. Every day there are new kitesurfing videos uploaded on the internet and mot of them sucks in my opinion. So what makes a good video? It must contain a few important ingredients. It needs action, music and humor, all mixed and rendered into a good composition. It is really not an easy thing to make a good video. And why on earth would a guy like me be able to create good videos? That´s a good question, but I´ll do my best and try to learn the techniques to make good videos. We´ll see where it all ends =)


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