Isla Holbox – a paradise island!

another iguana =)


Isla Holbox turned out to be a really awesome island, much better than Progreso in all ways! Food are a bit more expensive here, but that´s it.
I began my day by doing some grosery so I could eat something else than just oats and water. Since day 1 in Mexico I hadn't had one single cup of decent coffee, just watery and weak shit coffee that is included in the breakfasts on the hostels. So I bought some real mexican brew coffee today which took my breakfast to a whole new level!
After a steady breakfast I went to one of the kitesurfing spots on the island and the spot was above my expectations! Flat water and shallow near the mangroves and no garbage on the beach, like it was in Progreso. The bottom was soft and muddy with absence of sharp stones or other crap. On top of that a strong wind and we were only 4-5 kiters. Besides the water and the wind was warm, so no need for my wetsuit. Overall a great spot! Tomorrow the wind direction will change so I´ll go to another beach on this island, the beach that you see in the slideshow.

I took a little walk in the town this evening, mainly to find something to eat for dinner. I found a fisherman from which I bought a big fish for 50 pesos. The fish was so large that it didn't even fit in the largest frying pan they have in the hostel's kitchen (head and tail cut off). To fry it wasn't the easiest thing and the fish looked like a big mess when it finally was fried, but it was fully eatable, in fact quite tasty together with some lime juice and fried vegetables.  I´ll definitely eat a lot of fish during my trip here in Mexico!



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