From Cancun to Tulum

I picked up my friend Ralph at Cancun the other day and we had to stay one night in Cancun. We stayed at one of the shitiest hostels I´ve ever been to so far, but what can you expect when the price is $6 for a night?

So it was nice to leave Cancun the day after and go to Tulum. My first impression of Tulum was that this place is a bit to exploited with resorts everywhere, but it wasn't to many tourists and the beach here is very nice with white soft sand and clear and blue water, a place perfect for snorkling and for kitesurfing too! Today was a windy day so Ralph and me decided to dedicate the day for kitesurfing of course =)

They have a bunch of mexican restaurants in Tulum where they serve tacos, tortillas etc. Yesterday I had three Panuchos and three tacos and they were delicious! I left the the place with a full stomach and 42 pesos (approx $3,5) poorer. Tonight we went to place which was even better!

Here are some pictures of the hostel in Cancun.

shower at kankun hostel DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO roof


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