Snorkling in Akumal

The snorkling in Tulum turned out to be a nothing more than a big disappointment. Some dude on the beach convinced us to go on his awesome boat trip which included a sea view of Maya ruins from the water and snorkling at two spots were you could see turtles and lobsters and all kind of fishes. However it turned out that these spots mostly consisted of dead corals and a few poor fishes that stayed there for some inscrutable reason, but I guess that there are slums in the 0cean as well. But a few cold beers, subways and some cookies for dinner weighed the bad experience from the boat trip =)

Besides we went to a place called Akumal over the day today, a place that offered excellent snokling! We swam around in the water for nearly 4 hours, playing with turtles, stingrays and some huge fishes!


We are currently chilling at "Grand Hostel Playa", a nice hostel in Playa del Carmen. For once a hostel that is clean and unlike the kitchen from the hostel in Tulum this hostel has a very nice kitchen with lots of utensils and equipment for cooking, so we'll probably cook the food ourselves the next three days that we spend here. PS. Click on the follow button in the right lower corner if you want updates in your email.

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