Progreso, Mexico

This is not just my first blog post on kite 2013, but for some probably also a long awaited sign of life from me 😉

To summarize things up. I arrived to Cancun in the evening saturday the 19th of January. During a period of 2 months I´ll visit some places in Mexico to explore the country and particularly to practice kitesurfing! Anyway, my first night in Cancun is not much to tell about. I went straight to a hostel together with another swedish girl I met on the plane. I got to bed early local time (probably 4 o'clock in the night or something like that if you look at my own time from back home). I assumed that I would fell asleep immediately, but the mosquitos and the cold kept me awake the major part of the night. One mosquito thought that it was a good idea to bite me on my right eyelid, so I looked like a freak and could barely open my right eye when I woke up, a nice start on the whole trip... Luckiliy the swelling passed away quickly and I realized that my mosquito repellent will come out handy during my stay in Mexico 🙂

The same day (sunday) I went by bus to a small town called Merida, a four hour long drive from Cancun. I checked in at a great hostel in Merida where I met some friendly people who gave me some tips on cool places to check out. Other than that I went to bed early again and of course I woke up in the middle of the night, still jet lagged.

After a breakfast I continued my trip to Progreso, my first "real" destination on this trip. Progreso turned out to be a something that can be described as a ghost town. It is very quite here and not much to do, unless you are looking to kitesurf, then you more or less have the whole beach and ocean to yourself! Another guy that stays at the same hostel as me is also here for the same reason. So we are currently waiting for the wind to pick up, which it hopefully will do soon!

I don't have so many cool pictures to show you yet, but bare with me, I´m working on it!



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