Kitesurfing in Progreso

Yesterday was the first day with good wind and sun,  so I spent most thw whole afternoon at the one and only kiteschool in this area. I felt a bit rusty since I havn't been kitesurfing in about 4 months, but luckily my muscle memory remember how all the moves should be performed, so the session turned out to be quite good without to many crashes in the water =)

I brought my GoPro and did some recordings, but it is far from enough to make a decent video out of it, so you´ll have to stick with various bird films and some other random stuff for another while.

Someone asked about the accomodation here and I can tell you that it is affordable. I pay 150 pesos (approx $12) per night for the room I have now, breakfast included. In fact this is quite expensive considering that you can rent a small house in this area for 4000 pesos per month. Here are some photos of the hostel where I stay and two photos from the beach.

My Hostel in ProgresoGuarded by AnnyMy neighbours in ProgresoThe kite school in ProgresoKitesurfing in Prgreso




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