A long but good day!

Hi little blog! It´s been a while since I gave you some attention. I´m sorry, but I´ve been so busy with all kind of stuff during the days and to tired to write "on" you in the evenings. I´ll make it up to you soon, I promise! So as the title says, this day was a long day! I went to the beach 8 am this morning and was back after sunset, except for a short lunch brake at the hostel. You might wonder why the hell I was spending 10 hours under the mexican scorching sun using up half a bottle of sunscreen. The short answer is dineros!
A group of swedish tourists saw one of my "Coop" plastic bags when I was kitesurfing yesterday and asked me of the location to the kite school on this island, since one of the guys obviously was interesting in taking a course. I told them that the kitesurfing school on Isla Holbox is banned from operating their school at the moment (which is another story), but that I could offer him a half day course for 3000 pesos. The guy took the bait which of course is the reason to why I went to the beach so damn early today, to teach this guy to kitesurf =)

The guy did very well in the water and I don't think I ever seen someone learn so quickly to handle the kite and the board. He had already tried wakeboarding and windsurfing which helps a lot! Anyway, I was back home again at 13:30 only to eat and then go back to the beach to have a session on my own. I was just about to pack my gear together at 4 pm when a french guy walked up to me and asked if it was possible to rent kite gear somewhere on this island. I told him that I didn't knew and that the kite schools normally don't rent out kite equipment to random people. Though he seemed to know what he was talking about so I offered him to rent/borrow my kite and board for 2 hours for 1000 pesos... So yeah, it took another 2 hours before I finally packed down my gear, just at the sunset. For those that never have been near mangroves after sunset I can tell you that it´s one of the last places on earth where you wanna be at that time. I havn't seen it with my own eyes, but I´ve been told that you sometimes can see big black clouds over the mangroves at sunset, that´s how many mosquitos that go out hunting for prey in the evenings! Luckily a golf car (there are no cars on Isla Holbox, only golf cars) with three mexicans just came to watch the sunset and I asked for a ride home, all they wanted was a few beers and one of the girls asked me if I could teach her kitesurfing. So I might have another customer when I come back to Holbox in a week, except for another guy I met here who also wants me to give him a lesson =)

So to summarize things, the day was pretty awesome and I got enough cash to live like a king here for more than a week =)

I´m off to bed now, to tired to even check for typos... I´m going to Belize tomorrow at noon, it can hopefully be exciting!



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