Punta Coco

Punta Coco is the name of one of the three kitespots on Isla Holbox. A spot with flat and shallow water as well as deeper water if you head out about 100 meters from land, in other words quite perfect! The bottom consists mostly of pure sand and mudd which is nice of course! The only things to be aware of are shells from the horse shoe crab which can be a bit painful to step on, though they are not even close to as painful to step on as sea urchins!

Me and Ralph went for a ride this morning and we had the whole spot to ourself which was a good thing since Ralph still is learning to get up on the board. A crowded spot doesn't exactly make learning easier... Here are some photos that you can dribble over =)



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  • kite2013
    February 23, 2013 - 1:41 pm

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