Giant grasshopper

Friday evening and I have some spare time, so why not pay the little blog some attention. The week has been good with sun and wind so both me and Viveka had some kite sessions. At Cape Town the wind is too strong and the waves are too big for beginners. It's even a challenge for me to kitesurf in these conditions, but it's fun! Langebaan is the beginner place where man kite schools operate and we go there now and then so Viveka can practise under safe conditions. The road from Cape Town to Langebaan is just a long straight and super boring, but about half an hour from Langebaan there is this national park which you can go through for a small fee. It´s actually a shortcut and much more pleasant road to drive. In the national park you can spot birds, eagles, beetles, tortoises, ostriches and other animals. Last time there was a grasshopper on the road, so we had to stop and say hello to it.




Tomorrow we´re of to the Kruger Park so hopefully we can make friends with the locals there as well 🙂

One Response to "Giant grasshopper"

  • Alexandra Henriksson
    January 27, 2017 - 6:43 pm

    You seem to have a good time. Continue to enjoy!!


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