Surfing in Santa Teresa

A week has been spent in Santa Teresa and some sort of routine has been established here. We get up early, like 5:30 a.m. It´s nice to have a coffee and be able to work a bit while the village still is dozing. Me and Emilia is struggling to learn surfing so we usually go for session in the mornings or in the late afternoon. The sun is so strong midday so one is better of trying to stay in the shadow during that time. The surfing is hard and what I do now in the water is nothing I would call surfing, but I'm getting there!

Part from surfing there is not too much going on here in Santa Teresa. We have explored ther nearby area a bit by foot and by bikes, but you need a car or an ATV to reach places where they have nature reserves, snorkling spots, waterfalls etc. It´s on our ToDo-list to explore some other areas, but there is no rush. So far we enjoy surfing, reading books and eating at different restaurants. For about $15 you'll get a really good meal!

Santa Teresa map

Here is a little map over Santa Teresa and nearby towns. The distances are not that big, but the roads are extremely poor and traffic make them dusty why biking longer distances isn't that fun.

Our office

Our office

Hummingbird in "our" garden

Squirrels are common sight here

The beach in Santa Teresa

The beach in Santa Teresa

The sunset you have every evening


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