Kruger Park

I know you´ve been waiting for photos from the Kruger Park. It took some time to upload and prepare everything. Each photo is around 12 mb in size so I had to create smaller thumbs for every single photo, else it would take a very long time to load the page even with good internet speed. Anyway the trip to the Kruger Park was great! The Kruger Park is huge, so we covered only a small part of it during the 3 days we spent there. What we saw was a very green and lush park. The nature reminded us to some extent about the swedish landscape with a mix of meadow land and forest. We didn't expect to see that many animals that we actually saw, but When we drove through the park it never took more than 30 minutes to spot an animal. Sometimes it felt like the whole park was crowded with animals and at some points you could barely drive the car on the road since it was blocked with a massive elephant, a herd of zebras, monkeys, etc. The whole experience was beyond expectation. We tried to take photos of every different animal we saw. Sometimes the distance was too far or the photo didn't turn out well for some reason. Either way, here is a collection of the best photos. There were many birds too, some more spectacular than others. Me and Viveka tried our best to get shots of the more cooler birds which you can see below. I´ve done my best to identify all animals and birds, but some will remain unknown.

Let's start with the big five!




Elephant with babyElephant with baby

Elephant eatingElephant eating

Talking about elepants. We were lucky to end up when a group of elephants were fighting next to the road. To see this massive animals break trees, shriek and rush close to you is exciting 🙂


Buffalo herdBuffalo herd

White RhinoWhite Rhino

White Rhino

The black rhino is more rare and we didn't spot one. If it wasn't for the poachers we would have been more likely to spot one...


LionsViveka was in fact only a meter from a lion that layed down next to the car. She hoisted up the window quickly when she got a bit too intensive eye contact with that lion 🙂

LepardLepard with a dead impala up in a tree

Lepard with dead impala

Lepard in tree with dead impala

That was the big five! Here are some more animals. You'll probably recognize most of them.










Here are some different antelopes

Impalas fightingImpalas fighting

Impalas in sunriseImpalas in sunrise






Another animal famous from the movie "The Lion King"



Pumba from behind?Pumba from behind?



Wildebeest a.k.a gnuWildebeest a.k.a gnu



velvet monkeyVelvet monkey

velvet monkey

velvet monkey

chameleonThis little fellow is a chameleon

Beauty and the chameleon

animalsVarious animals

Then there were some birds and eagles...

African HoopoeAfrican Hoopoe

Amur FalconAmur Falcon

Blacksmith LapwingBlacksmith Lapwing

Cape Glossy StarlingCape Glossy Starling

Dark Chanting GoshawkDark Chanting Goshawk

European RollerEuropean Roller1

European Roller



Lilac-breasted rollerLilac Breasted Roller

Marabou StorkMarabou Stork

Martial EagleMartial Eagle

Saddle Billed StorkSaddle Billed Stork

Saddle-billed Stork

Southern Carmine Bee EaterSouthern Carmine Bee Eater

Southern Ground HornbillsSouthern Ground Hornbills

southern yellow billed hornbillSouthern Yellow Billed Hornbill

unknown bird 1Unknown Bird

unknown bird 2Unknown Bird

Finally two photos with no animals. Just pure nature, but it looked much nicer in reality.

stonesStones stacked on top of each other

I'm happy that we did the effort to go to the Kruger Park. If the animals are really wild can be discussed. The animals are of course used to humans, but on the other hand I think that's good cause then you can get close to them before they eventually run away.


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