There is a place called Langebaan, about an hour drive north from Blouberg. Langebaan is well known among kitesurfers since there is a huge lagoon there which is great for kitesurfing and you don't have to watch out for 3-4 meter high waves as you have to do battle in Blouberg.

Here are some photos from Langebaan

Kids helping Sebastian to rig his kite.
Fishermen and seagulls are also claiming their right to the water and air. DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO
We had a nice meal at a restaurant next to the beach. As you can see the place is quite crowded with kitesurfers.
The landscape along the road between Langebaan and Blouberg is not that exciting. What you see is mostly open spaces with bushes and sometimes a few lonely trees can be seen.

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  • Lisa
    January 15, 2015 - 10:25 am

    Looks like a great road for a cycle ;o)


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