A windy and sunny day

I woke up with a sore throat after a night of fever this morning. It's becoming a habit to catch a cold every time I go on a longer trip somewhere, my usual luck... I rarely ever get sick back home in Sweden so I guess I that i shouldn't really complain, still I find it a bit annoying. My cold or whatever it is will hopefully go away quickly though. As a matter of fact I feel better already, but I decided to not go kitesurfing today even if the wind finally has arrived to Blouberg.

I went however down to the beach to check out the other kitesurfers. The conditions here are quite rough with waves and strong winds as you can see in the pictures.

blouberg-kitesurfing-7 blouberg-kitesurfing-6 blouberg-kitesurfing-5 blouberg-kitesurfing-4 blouberg-kitesurfing-3 blouberg-kitesurfing-2 blouberg-kitesurfing-1 blouberg-kitesurfing-8

Back in the house now.  They have an open fire here where they now and then start up a fire so you can grill whatever you like. I bought some chicken breasts that I will prepare with loads of garlic and rosemary 🙂

The house is great in many ways. There are beds enough for about 15 people and there are lots of shared spaces, like a big livingroom, a well equipped kitchen, balconies, pool, garden, etc... and the people staying here are all really nice. Many activities are done together, like the dinner tonight for instance. But also kitesurfing session, gym training, yoga, penguin watching and all other kind of trips.

That´s all for now. Laters!


One Response to "A windy and sunny day"

  • Marie
    January 8, 2015 - 1:35 pm

    Krya på dig! Allt utom förkylningen låter ju dock toppen, vad kul!


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